Long distance probz #1

When you haven’t talked all day and you get excited to talk super late at night and have all this crap to tell your bf. and he falls asleep on the phone and lies about listening. You ask him to recite the last thing you said and says the wrong thing. Don’t fkn lie to me and waste my time, seriously. If you’re tired. Then go to bed. Don’t waste my breath trying to fkn tell you about my damn day.

You just have to

What do you do when you just keep crying all night? When you’re just in a huge fight? The one you run to when you’re upset is the one that’s upsetting you. There’s no comfort, you have no one to cry to or make you feel better like they can. But at the same time they have the ability to hurt you so bad. You just have to let it all out I guess.. Just cry and keep crying until the hurt is no more or, until you fall asleep and hope you don’t wake up because then the hurt starts over again.


This is one of the many things that I am truly guilty of. My bf and I tend to fight almost every day. if not every other day. it’s really hard not to get irritated with one another, especially if we haven’t seen each other in such a long time. The sexual tension gets hard, the lack of affection gets hard, and the fact that you continuously have to live your life like you’re ok with the fact that you bf isn’t there to live it with you. it is so annoying that this is one of the downfalls and many causes of broken long distance relationships. i get irritated easily, like if he doesn’t text me back because he’s with his friends, or if he stays out late all week and doesn’t make time for me later in the week. I get jealous of all of the people that get to see him everyday and i don’t. I’m so over being in a long distance relationship. This is by far the longest I have gone without seeing him, and it’s breaking me apart.